Pic of the day – 10/27/2010


Will Rick Perry still be running for governor when I’m old enough to vote?

Pic of the day – 10/26/2010

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  • 10-26-2010

    Brushing my teeth sure does make me look handsome.

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Mommy!

    Hey Mommy,

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I tried to get you a card. I really did. Even went to two different places. There’s like 20 different “to Daddy from Daughter” Valentine’s Day cards, but not one stinking “to Mommy from Son” card. Seriously.

    So, I thought it would better if I made something for you. The video below shows some of my favorite moments with you. I love you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Fall Round-up

    I PROMISE that I am a better mother than I am a blogger!  We are enjoying Carter more and more every day and are trying to expose him to as much fun as we possibly can.  We stayed busy this fall with a week-long visit from Cory’s 5 year-old cousin Lily, the Dallas Arboretum, the State Fair, and a visit to the Pumpkin Patch.

    IMG_5895 IMG_5844 IMG_5856

    IMG_5886 IMG_5891 IMG_5910

    IMG_5903 IMG_5923 IMG_5931

    For Halloween, Carter decided to be an elephant.  And he was CLEARLY, the cutest elephant ever!  We trick-or-treated at Mimi & Papa’s, Grandaddy Vick’s, and at a few houses in the neighborhood.  Since Carter has become shy lately, we had to improvise with stroller-trick-or-treating, as Carter had no interest in walking up to strangers to get candy!  But, he was sweet enough to share his loot with Harold.

    IMG_8260 IMG_5998

    IMG_6004 IMG_6020

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  • The day after Halloween was beautiful, so we decided to make another family trip to the Dallas Arboretum.   We have really become fans and will enjoy our newly purchased “Family Pass” for many trips in the future.

    IMG_6043 IMG_6060 IMG_6078

    IMG_6106 IMG_6131 IMG_6149

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  • Carter is such a happy kiddo and adjusts to whatever we throw at him!

    Pics of the Day – Year One

    Carter’s first birthday is coming up this week.  His Aunt Lori and Uncle Sean were here for a visit this weekend, and Lori was gracious enough to produce this incredible compilation of the first year of Carter’s “pics of the day.”

    Pics of the Day – Year One from Cory Reed on Vimeo.

    Thank you, Lori – not only for the video, but also for being way more organized than us with the pics of the day.

    Off on the road to Rhode Island

    We recently took a family trip to Rhode Island to visit Lori and Sean, while also being able to take in a good friend’s wedding in Connecticut.  Getting ready was a little challenging, since “someone” didn’t want to be left out.


    Each day, we had a lazy morning in the hotel before Sean and Lori met us for the day.

    IMG_5614 IMG_5617

    Our day in Boston was spent in a touristy Irish pub in Quincy Market for lunch and spent walking (or sleeping) around downtown before heading to Rhode Island.

    Lori, Sean & Carter IMG_1484 3880010564_bf47284ded_b

    Our first day in Rhode Island was a little rainy, so we went to a cafe in Narragannsett for lunch, had some Brickley’s ice cream, and hung out at Sean and Lori’s before having seafood in Wakefield.

    Lisa and Cory IMG_5636 Carter loves Sadie

    Sunday morning we started the day off with breakfast in Wakefield at the Bluebird Cafe, and then Cory and I got ready for a friends’ wedding at the Mansion at Harkness State Park.  Aunt Lori & Uncle Sean babysat while we went to the wedding, and we were relieved to find Carter sleeping peacefully when we came back.  Based on the pictures, he had a blast, too.

    Training for his 1st 5K Picture 6 Uncle Sean and Carter

    Monday, we took a picnic to Beavertail State Park and enjoyed the scenery.  We also managed our second trip to Brickleys in 3 days…because Carter wanted ice cream!

    IMG_5629 IMG_5651 Daddy and Carter

    We had a wonderful trip and were all sad to leave!


    Summer Recap

    This summer has been super busy…hence the lack of posts. To fill you all in on our summer activities, without you having to read a novel, I thought I would do a post with mostly pictures.  And really, why else do you come to the blog, but to see pictures of Carter?!

    Carter and I started Father’s Day off by making breakfast in bed for Cory and later celebrated with the Burnside clan:

    Daddy's breakfast Father's Day with Grandaddy Swimming with Luke and Kurt

    Papaw Bart came out for the 4th of July and we took Carter to the Dallas Zoo for the first time and then followed that up with fireworks at Kaboom Town.  Carter was a trooper, as ALL of that was in one day.  Poor baby finally fell asleep during the fireworks and missed the grand finale!

    Zoo with Papaw Carter and Mommy on zoo turtle Carter hanging in his stroller

    Sitting with Papaw Kaboom Town Airplane Loving the fireworks

    Carter has had friends over to swim, gone on dates with Sara, and  learned to play the piano.

    Swimming with Truitt Date with Sara Play it again, Carter

    Carter also learned to express his own opinions and started to eat table food.

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  • Carter’s little cousin Emma finally made her debut on August 12, which also happens to be Mimi’s birthday.

    Emma's birthday Emma Mimi and Carter

    Oh, and most importantly, he’s learned to walk independently with his lion:

    All in all, a wonderful summer full of adventures!

    Beach bums

    Last month, we took our first family beach vacation.  We rented a house in Ft. Morgan, Alabama, just outside Gulf Shores.  It was a full house.  Cory, Carter and I were joined by friends Annette, Marty and Frankie, and Cory’s parents, Janie and Dave.  Taking vacations with built-in babysitters rocks.

    The house we rented was beautiful.  It had four bedrooms, four baths, a hot-tub, and it was right on a private beach.

    Beach house Ft. Morgan, AL

    It takes 12 hours to get to Gulf Shores, so we started the drive just before midnight.  My speed demon of a husband made great time while the rest of us slept.  Once we got to Alabama, we had to take a ferry from Dauphin Island over to Ft. Morgan.  Since it was nap time – and hot – Carter wasn’t all that impressed with the ferry.

    Ferry ride

    Carter enjoyed the sand, but wasn’t crazy about the ocean.  The waves freaked him out.  He also enjoyed our dolphin cruise, despite the life jacket that swallowed him.  Well, we say he enjoyed it, but he actually screamed for the first 30 minutes of the cruise.  We were definitely NOT the favorite passengers on the boat. The rest of the week was spent eating meals on the porch, walking on the beach, and relaxing in the sun.

    IMG_0072 IMG_5217 IMG_5224

    IMG_5229 IMG_5231 IMG_5232

    IMG_5234 IMG_5243 IMG_5251

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  • IMG_5267 IMG_5316 Now I can float

    IMG_0082 IMG_0100 IMG_0108


    All in all, it was a wonderful week.  And thankfully, Carter shows no lasting effects of me allowing him to roll off of the bed onto the hardwood floor!

    Post head-injury

    Summertime and the livin’ is easy…

    Sorry for the lack of posts recently.  We had MAJOR issues with WordPress but should now be back on track.  Be prepared for an overload of posts in the near future.  We have 5 weeks worth of material to share!

    Carter made his debut in the pool on Memorial Day! Grandpa Dave has been sneaking his feet in the water for a little while now, but we heated both the pool and hot tub on Memorial Day to make things a little more like bath water for the initial entry. I’m happy to report that Carter throughly enjoyed himself. He is a lover of the outdoors and has been eyeing the pool for some time. Janie bought him a float that has a palm tree to provide a little shade. I also tried a sun hat but he would have none of it. I do believe that we will all be pruney by the end of the summer!

    Returning to Baltimore

    Last week, Carter returned to his roots. This meant he also made his first plane ride when he and I flew to Baltimore. Cory had to work in Baltimore last week so Carter and I joined him mid-week for our first family vacation. I was a little apprehensive about traveling with him by myself, but all turned out fine. We sailed through security (after they tested each of the seven bottles of milk), and were fortunate enough to be able to snag a better seat. When we booked the flight, the only thing available was a middle seat in the back of the plane. Fortunately, I was able to talk the gate agent into giving us a window seat. Before getting on the plane, I ran into a friend from college. I haven’t seen Beth in nearly 10 years, despite the fact that she lived in Baltimore while we did and now lives less than a mile from us. Carter handled the flight really well and made friends with the guy beside us. My treat of Oreos and ear plugs for the other guys on the row probably helped. I also had a stroke of genius: I tied all of Carter’s toys together on a ribbon so that when he tired of one and threw it, it didn’t hit the floor and we could move on to the next. Anticipating that I might have had a bad flight, Cory met us at the airport with a dozen roses. My boys missed each other.

    Thursday was spent visiting friends at Cory’s work and at Hopkins. Carter easily met 40 new people and received dozens of raspberries on his cheeks. He handled it like a pro. That night, we had a wonderful dinner in Columbia, MD with friends Wil and Elisa.

    Cory took Friday off, and after a leisurely morning at the hotel, and lunch at the “gas-ateria,” we headed down to Washington, DC for some site-seeing. While Cory and I enjoyed the sites, Carter seemed to be more impressed with the throngs of people. It was Memorial Day weekend and DC was packed. Crowds were everywhere, so we chose to do something that didn’t require standing in line. We parked outside the Dept. of Commerce and walked around the ellipse and up to the White House where Carter got his first look at his future home. He also got to see his first political demonstration. Native Tamils from Sri Lanka were petitioning President Obama with a chant that we still haven’t gotten out of our heads. Friday night we met my friend Susan for dinner at the best Italian restaurant period: Sabatinos in Little Italy. Cory practiced his right-handed eating while taking care of Carter so that I could catch up with Susan. A good time was had by all.

    On Saturday, we visited our old neighborhood and stopped by to see our neighbors. Thankfully, Carter didn’t meet any Baltimore rats. However, we did climb Federal Hill so that he could get a good view of the Inner Harbor on an absolutely gorgeous day.

    The flight back was uneventful, even if Carter didn’t sleep as much as we would’ve hoped. He was more intrigued with the baby across the aisle and the man sitting behind us making faces. We’re so glad Carter was a good traveler and we hope this is the first of many trips.